Wichita LKB Brake



Spring Set Brakes for Heavy -Duty Applications

LKB Brochure

Wichita LKB Brake incorporate all of the design features of the LK style clutch and have been in existence equally as long. They are the perfect companion to the LK clutch if the application requires a clutch and a brake since both units are extremely fast in response, have low air consumption, and contribute the lowest possible inertia to the system that must be started and stopped.

The separate clutch-brake combination has been applied in the metal forming industry on presses, press-brakes, and shears, for over forty years and are long-living, easy to maintain and require no adjustment for wear. The units rugged simplicity and fast-acting repeatable response makes them an ideal choice for such applications.

Ruggedly designed and capable of dissipating large thermal loads, Model LKB brakes are also used frequently as primary working brakes, safety brakes, and holding brakes for a multitude of loads found in many areas of the heavy industrial marketplace. Cranes, shovels, draglines, drilling equipment, oilfield machinery, conveyors, and mining equipment are but a few of such applications.

Wichita LKB Brake are available with many options. Torque capacities can be changed through the use of springs with different rates and quantities. The unit may be provided with chambers suitable for pneumatic or hydraulic release. Totally enclosed housings for adverse environments and limit switch monitoring of brake release and wear are available. Units modified to operate vertically may also be provided. The list of modifications that have been applied to Model LKB brakes is long and the above are but a few. Industrial Clutch can assist in providing the most suitable unit for your application.

Modifications of the original LKB brakes have expanded this product’s usefulness to many areas of industry. The complete range of sizes covers loads and speeds common to metal forming, mining, material handling, oilfields, and the marine marketplaces