Wichita CBH Clutch/Brake



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The Wichita CBH Clutch/Brake is arranged so it may be mounted in an end of shaft configuration. The unit is a self-contained, oil cooled, hydraulically actuated combination clutch-brake designed for maximum capacity in a minimum space envelope.

The unit contains a spring-set, hydraulically released brake while the clutch is hydraulically-set and spring released. The clutch-brake action is effected using a shuttling piston actuator which moves axially to engage either the clutch or brake. With this arrangement, it is not possible to engage the clutch and brake simultaneously so the possibility of clutch or brake overlap does not exist.

The Wichita CBH Clutch/Brake unit uses only the best quality, time proven materials within its construction and has been designed to withstand the rigors of high cyclic applications with precision machined clearances to provide the fastest possible response.

The input flywheel, gear, or sheave is bolted to the clutch driving member. The clutch-brake’s inner or driven members can be keyed or splined to the machine’s output shaft for maximum driving torque capacity and ease of assembly. The stationary brake member is affixed to the machine frame through the use of a brake mounting plate provided by others.

The stationary housing provides a sealed cavity for the oil that cools the clutch-brake disc packs. If external cooling is required, this housing provides a means of oil entry and exit. The cylinder/piston actuating mechanism has been integrated within the brake hub thereby eliminating the need for cross-drilling actuation oil entry holes in the user’s shaft and the possibility of leakage at the hub/shaft interface.

The Wichita CBH Clutch/Brake is available with high-cyclic rate actuation valve assemblies as well as combination cooling/actuation hydraulic power units.