Wichita Clutch wcbAM Water Cooled Brakes

Wichita Clutch wcbAM Water Cooled Brakes


The Wichita Clutch wcbAM is a new, lightweight version of our popular AquaMaKKs® water-cooled brakes. All water jackets, including the float, center and back plate, are made of corrosion-resistant, lightweight engineered composite material.

Along with a full set of composite water jackets, the models feature a newly-designed, lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum actuator head.

The 236 Wichita Clutch wcbAM model only weighs approximately 1,920 lbs. while other 236 size comparable iron models weigh approximately 3,550 lbs. The reduced weight of approximately 40% is a significant maintenance advantage, as well as when equipment is installed on weight-restricted applications.

     Wichita Clutch wcbAM Features:
• Interchangeable with existing ‘wcb’ types of brakes to allow for ease of installations, conversions, and spare parts utilizations
• Units are Air Tube Disc (atd) actuation
• Reduced overall brake weight with use of light weight aluminum powerhead
• Wichita drill & trip controls available for enhanced controllability & performance Wichita’s unique patented water jacket design, with                    improved channeled water flow, ensures high heat absorption and torque stability, providing greater heat dissipation compared to                      similar sized competitive units.

     Other water jacket benefits include:
• Improved channeled water flow – achieved via groove designed into jacket providing enhanced cooling capability
• The water jackets high rib design offers a patented ‘balance flow’ along with extremely high velocities of coolant for enhanced HP                              absorptions
• Water Jackets have extremely low pressure drops across the flow path compared to other legacy branded water jackets
• Water jacket assemblies are interchangeable with WCB compatible brakes
• For added protection, hardware used to attach copper onto the water jackets is marine grade, fluoropolymer coated to resist gauling and               corrosion
• Marine Corrosion Resistant Brakes and Assemblies are also available.
• Units are Air Tube Disc (ATD) actuation for drastically improved brake response, low hysteresis, and natural resilience to ‘air systems’ w/             hi moisture content and/or salty environment exposure.