Wichita Clutch Mesur-Fil Fluid Couplings

Wichita Clutch Mesur-Fil Fluid Couplings


     Soft Start and/or Over Load Protection

Known in the past as Simplatrol, Formsprag or Mesur-Fil, the smaller size 7.0, 9.4 and the 12.4 size fluid couplings are manufactured in Wichita Falls, TX.

These are available for electric motors from ½ HP to 2500 HP that operate at speeds as low as 500 RPM and as high as 3600 RPM. During start-up the fluid coupling will reduce the current draw on your electric motor by 33%.

     Fluid couplings come standard with:

  • High temperature Viton™ oil seals
  • Welded construction to eliminate leaks on size 7.0, 9.4 and 12.4
  • Bolted together housing on sizes 15 and larger

     Mesur-Fil Fluid Couplings

Designed to deliver reliable smooth power transmission, specifically in a soft start or overload application. The Formsprag Mesur-Fil fluid coupling is designed with no mechanical contact of internal parts. This will insure minimal maintenance and long life.

     Some benefits of the Mesur-Fil fluid coupling

  • All aluminum housing and impeller for low rotating inertia
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Wide range of mounting options
  • Standard gear coupling used for shaft to shaft coupling
  • Fluid coupling with built-in QD hub for sheave mounting on the electric motor shaft

Wichita Clutch Mesur-Fil Fluid Couplings deliver reliable smooth power transmission. To consistently deliver, we select only from the highest quality materials. Our manufacturing and product assembly are completed under the most exacting guidelines and established procedures. The result is unquestioned consistent product dependability. Mesur-Fil Fluid Couplings are rated for motors up to 2,500 HP. They have earned a reputation for providing smooth, soft starts while reducing current draw on the motor by 33%