Wichita HC/HCD Clutch



Model HC (Dry) Pneumatically or Hydraulically Actuated Clutches

HC brochure

The Model HC clutches are designed to be used in either an end of shaft or through shaft mounting configuration. Their compact size makes these units ideal for incorporating within a gear housing. Multiple speed transmissions use a variety of these units to effect fixed mesh speed changes or they may be used as a stand alone device for disconnect service.

The Model clutches may be provided with an internally splined outer drive ring for bolting to the user’s driving or driven member, or Model HC clutches may be provided without this drive ring to allow the user to spline the inside diameter of their driving or driven member which conserves
radial space and provides for design compactness.

All units incorporate provisions for forced oil cooling allowing high energy engagements to be made without causing thermal distress within the disc pack. Cooling oil is introduced from an external supply through axial holes provided in the shaft.

Actuation pressure may come from either a pneumatic or hydraulic source. This pressure may be introduced through an axial hole provided at the shaft centerline, or, in the case of end of shaft mounts, it may be introduced through a separate manifold.

All torque transmitting members are designed for continuous heavy duty industrial service. Hubs and drive rings are fully hardened and manufactured from high quality alloy steel forgings. Disc pack cores are designed using extra-heavy plate thicknesses to maximize torque and heat capacity.

Friction materials and grooving patterns are designed to provide for high thermal and smooth engagement performance. All of the Model HC clutches contain friction materials which allow for controlled slip operation in those applications requiring this feature.

Marine main propulsion forward/reverse or disconnect service, winch disconnects, conveyor or mill soft-starts, and multi-speed transmissions are but a few of the applications for the Model HC oil immersed clutches.