AirMakks SSB Brakes For Drawworks

Wichita Clutch AirMakks SSB Brakes
Wichita Clutch AirMakks SSB Brakes

AquaMaKKs Water Cooled C/Bs

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AquaMaKKs Water Cooled Clutches and Brakes Interchange


Wichita Clutch AirMakks SSB Brakes designed for marine deck environments and main brakes on drawworks.

The AirMaKKs SSB is designed to provide low speed braking assistance in applications including conveyors, cranes and drawworks where they serve as a main brake that provides both parking and E-stop braking functions.

Features include

  • Air cooled, spring-set air tube release high torque brake
  • Marine version designed to withstand the highly corrosive environment of an offshore deck area where sea spray and        direct seawater splash is prevalant
  • Three-part epoxy marine grade paint and engineered corrosion resistant coatings for added protection on offshore rig      applications
  • Utilizes basic AquaMakks brake case with torque plates installed instead of water jackets
  • Optional Stainless Steel torque plates can be added to the AirMaKKs SSB Brakes for marine deck applications where        sea spray and direct seawater splash are prevalent.
  • Available in the 19,25, 36 & 48 inch sizes

AquaMaKKs™ clutches and brakes are pneumatically or hydraulically controlled and water cooled. They consist of a series of alternating friction discs and water jackets. Torque is transmitted by applying axial force from the pneumatic, hydraulic, or spring set actuator. Copper wear plates are used for excellent heat dissipation. Models are available in 19”, 25”, and 36” diameter sizes. Torque Ranges from 55,440 in.lbs. @ 80 PSI to 1,596,000 in.lbs. @ 100 PSI.