Wichita HBA and HBS Brakes



The Model HBA brake is an oil immersed, air or hydraulically set brake designed to be mounted on a drive train shaft extension. In the majority of installations, the Model HBA brake utilizes the system’s lubricating oil for cooling.

Cooling oil is fed into the brake at the cylinder end of the unit where it is directed into the oil distribution holes incorporated within the rotating hub for dispersal through-out the disc pack.

Unique friction plate grooving patterns, as well as the forced oil cooling feature, allow the Model HBA brake to dissipate the heat generated by stopping the high energy loads common to today’s heavy duty industrial equipment.

All torque transmitting members are designed to withstand the rigors of the loads imposed. The unit incorporates high quality, time proven materials selected to provide strength, durability, and reliable performance.

The Model HBA housing contains the stationary plates of the disc pack. This housing is bolted to the stationary machine member and provides the grounding path for stopping the rotating components of the drive train when the disc pack is engaged. The housing also serves as a containment for the cooling oil and provides a path for the oil to return to the machine reservoir.

The Model HBS brake is identical to the Model HBA brake except the unit is designed to be spring-set and hydraulically or pneumatically released. This spring-set actuation feature makes it suitable for those applications requiring the presence of full braking torque in the event of loss of
actuation pressure or machine power.