Wichita Clutch PTO

Wichita Clutch PTO


Wichita has instituted quality assurance procedures aimed at achieving the ultimate in product reliability and its Power Take-Offs rep resent industry’s most advanced PTO design.

Two mechanically activated PTO’s are now available in addition to the performance-proven Air Tube Disc Clutch PTO’s. Complete clutch engagement of the mechanical PTO units is assured with each release of the hand lever due to the incorporation of a heavy-duty Fuller® “Solo” truck clutch. With its many outstanding features, the Fuller clutch used in the Wichita PTO prevents torsional vibration from damaging engine or trans mission components, or causing spline wear. The result is superior Power Take-Off per for mance and durability!

The In-line PTO design provides direct drive operation with side load capability. It has an automatic self adjusting just ing feature and does not require a pilot bearing. Other features such as standard SAE flywheel mounting interchangeable clutch and clutch housing, constant plate load and easy main te nance add up to superior performance

Side Load PTO’s utilize a pair of heavy-duty roller bearings fitted in to the shaft housing. The bearing support system eliminates the transmission of side loads that could reduce durability or even damage the engine’s crank – shaft. Its torque capacities range up to 420 HP @ 2100 RPM.

Air-Tube Disc Power Take-Off Clutch es provide dependable trouble free performance on indirect drives with large overhung loads on engines of 250-700 HP. The Wichita design isolates the side load from the engine’s crankshaft for long service life. Simple air controls can be utilized to remotely control the clutch as well as the throttle. Wichita PTO’s have been successfully used for oil field, construction and marine applications.

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